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"Employer Free"

Looking for a wellness service to offer staff that costs nothing?

Engage us to come into your workplace regularly and we can provide wellness services to your staff.

We manage the bookings, create you a weblink and all we ask is you promote it to staff.

Corporate and Office Based Massage
Now covering Worcestershire and Birmingham area

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Snow Hill Self Care Week


Show your employees you value their hard work by organising a session with one or more of our staff.
We provide a booking matrix so you only pay for the bookings taken.
No-one misses out and everyone has their full time.

Reward your employees with a massage.

Massage leaves your staff feeling invigorated,
mentally focused and ready to work at their best.
Professional back-neck-and-shoulder massages
from our qualified therapists are
guaranteed to relieve stress and rejuvenate the

Benefits include:

  • Promoting a healthier workforce

  • Boosting motivation and productivity

  • Rewarding performance

  • Showing commitment to employee wellbeing

  • Improving the office atmosphere and company culture

  • Reducing physical tension in neck, shoulders and back, as a result of sitting for extended periods.

  • Reducing tiredness, headaches, stress and anxiety

£1 per minute

Minimum booking time one hour

Introducing ...

Group Pay

A new and exciting way for employees to band together to get us over to your workplace.

Fantastic for small offices where several employees can collaborate with each other, for example, six people all putting in £10 each.

We provide a booking matrix and a designated coordinator is assigned.

This method requires no involvement from you, the employer, just give us permission to work on the premises. 
All we need is a small quiet space.


£1 per minute

Minimum booking time one hour

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