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Investing in us

Grand Central 2022-23

We are looking for investors to help us get into new and amazing places.  We are eligible for SEIS/EIS investment.

We have a different business model compared to everyone else.  We have been in places where no one else has been.

We believe this brand can be successful in airports, road services, train stations and every big building in all the big cities.

We would like to work with a partner with influence, to assist us with promotion and funding to get us into these places.

Where we are aiming for next:

Road services

On a daily average, 4 million people use the road system in Britain.  Over a million use the motorways.  Many of them for many hours at a stretch - desperate for a break.  Motorway services are typically 15-20 miles apart.

No one in the country offers seated massage to the neck and shoulders at these road services.

A service so many drivers want and need.  If you are driving for hours, a massage to the neck and shoulders would make a lot of sense to a lot of people! We can become a hit, instantly!

These can be up and running for as little as £50,000 each.  We can open three within a couple of months and become a nationally recognised company overnight.

If we set up on M5, M6 & M40/M1, the business branding will be seen by huge portions of the population within weeks. 

We have the capacity and capability to produce staff to populate them on a mass scale. 

We just need the financial support and backing to get them up and running.

If you see the chart below, these have the potential to be highly profitable: 

With the variables of :

- £75,000pa rent (Over estimated)

- 1 additional promoter out the front

- Variable weekly expenses of £200  

Considering you pay 10% more for your fuel and 40% more for food.  This will be considered very cheap for road services.  The intent is to eventually charge £1.50 per minute, but you need to get the population hooked first.  Once hooked, we can earn an extra 50% after a year.

I've highlighted the business goals in blue at the bottom, as a stall/shop can handle 4-6 pods.   Imagine what these numbers could be if we had dozens of these stores spread throughout the UK.

Roadchef Sedgemoor 2019


What we are also doing:

Snowhill Three Wellness Day

Colmore One Promotion day

Since moving to Birmingham in November 2023, We have been quickly expanding our presence in the city.

We have been speaking to the building managers in the large office buildings throughout the city, and have been steadily bringing our services into their foyers to advertise our Corporate Wellness Services.

We are in the midst of securing ongoing deals with 5 hospitals:  Worcester, Kidderminster, Redditch, Birmingham Childrens Hospital and Birmingham Womens Hospitals to have one staff attend on a regular basis (weekly/fortnightly) where the doctors and nurses can get treatment whilst at work.  

Another first in the country!

We are also in the process of organising this for some of the large buildings too.  Where the building would provide us a room to operate on a regular basis and staff can get treatment by booking on our booking system.

We are now looking to move from Martineau Place to a place closer to the business district of Colmore Row.

My Story

I had just quit my job, a steady 9-5er working for a government department.  My uncle was quite unwell at the time and I decided to move to the UK and Worcester to look after him as I am a dual citizen

When I arrived here I realised very quickly that there are no massage centres like what we have in Australia.  The typical store would have between 4-6 seated massage stools out the front and between 4-6 rooms behind, and they’re all busy.  It was a model that started in the early 2000s and it pretty much wiped out what was the conventional massage industry.  It is so prolific in Australia, that in a typical shopping centre, there may be more massage centres than hairdressers.  Every shopping centre has from one to seven massage businesses.  In England - you’re lucky to have one, in ANY shopping centres.  It’s an industry in Australia worth hundreds of millions done by several chains.


So why not start a chain by myself!  Use the Australian model and improve on it.  Hire properly trained therapists, lose the restrictive pricing models, and actually treat people with genuine issues.  Offer someone the treatment they need and just pay by the minute.  In essence, create a whole new industry.

I determined that we would need a catchy name and decided to go with Minute Massage.  It spells out perfectly what we do.  I designed a catchy logo that would be memorable and would look like a brand bigger than what it actually was.  Something that looks like a franchise already.  Our mission statement is to provide “Convenient, Affordable and Focused Massage accessible to everyone

Then I got to wondering how do we get people to keep coming back, and also get them to spend more.  

I noticed one day in a Nero’s Coffee how customers eagerly get their coffee card stamped, just so they could get their free coffee.  I had an epiphany.  What if we could tempt people into coming back with an equivalent to a coffee card.  Offer them cheap massages, but only reward those that bought 10 minutes plus.  For every 10 minute block, they get a stamp on their card.  After 10 stamps, they get £10 off their treatment.  This has been our leading way of getting people to come back for longer sessions, so many of our regulars started off with 5 minutes who are now getting 30 or 60 minute sessions.

I then thought, we need to get this into a road service or better yet an airport.  A road service would work great.  Millions of daily motorists all driving, all aching.  We can tempt them into road services with massage.  And with our loyalty card, we incentivise people to get one and stamp them as they go road service to road service.  


But in order for us to get into any of these places, I’d need to start up a home base.  A base to operate from and train new staff.  I needed to start trialling locations to see what works and what doesn’t.  This is an altogether new industry, we are learning how this market works, the challenges we would face and the need to continually evolve and learn .


It would be amazing to hear from you if you are interested in learning more.


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